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Favorite On day 1 of the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands NP, the views are already otherworldly.

White Rim Trail

100.8 mi 162.2 km 5,656' Up 1724.01 m Up 5,636' Down 1717.93 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite Just another flowy section on the colorado tail cutting through the aspens

Colorado Trail: The Entire MTB Route - IMBA EPIC

549.3 mi 884.0 km 71,117' Up 21676.5 m Up 69,664' Down 21233.6 m Down

Roxboro…, CO
Favorite Leaving the East Portal of Needle's Eye Tunnel.

Indian Peaks Traverse (IPT)

71.4 mi 114.9 km 9,063' Up 2762.38 m Up 5,710' Down 1740.43 m Down

Boulder, CO
Favorite Bald Ridge Trail is one long, weet singletrack descent from the intersection with Bridge Hollow.
Very Difficult

RockStar TRAIL Route

282.3 mi 454.3 km 29,125' Up 8877.4 m Up 29,507' Down 8993.64 m Down

Harriso…, VA
Favorite Scenic overlook at the intersection of the connecting trail to John Muir Loops.

Kettle Scuttle

29.7 mi 47.8 km 2,608' Up 795.06 m Up 2,604' Down 793.84 m Down

Palmyra, WI
Favorite Cruise the Red Trail as part of the Keystone Gulch to Soda Creek Loop.

Dredge-CO-Red-Hay-Blair Witch Loop Trail

10.5 mi 16.9 km 1,431' Up 436.32 m Up 1,431' Down 436.31 m Down

Keystone, CO
Favorite Powerline Trail going left to right with Blackrock Trail exit in center

The Carolina Panther

133.9 mi 215.5 km 14,357' Up 4375.96 m Up 14,332' Down 4368.3 m Down

Bent Creek, NC
Favorite Mount Savage

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP): Maryland Section

21.4 mi 34.5 km 2,152' Up 656.07 m Up 525' Down 160.04 m Down

Cumberland, MD
Favorite Enjoying the day on Pack Memorial Trail Apple Valley ,Ca.

Pack Memorial MTB Trail

12.6 mi 20.2 km 2,017' Up 614.63 m Up 2,015' Down 614.29 m Down

Hesperia, CA
Favorite Breaking through the cloud on the open tops

The Paparoa Track

33.5 mi 54.0 km 6,195' Up 1888.23 m Up 7,239' Down 2206.31 m Down

Greymouth, NZ
Favorite J. enjoying the autumn ride on Bartley Ridge during the 2017 Brown Bounty Epic.

2018 Brown County Epic Full Route

95.5 mi 153.7 km 5,947' Up 1812.74 m Up 5,945' Down 1812.16 m Down

Nashville, IN
Favorite This trail needs some tires on it!

Carson Continental Divide Epic

95.5 mi 153.7 km 7,977' Up 2431.48 m Up 11,044' Down 3366.2 m Down

Conejos, CO
Favorite Behind the Reef Road.

A (San Rafael) Swell Night Out

73.5 mi 118.4 km 8,057' Up 2455.66 m Up 8,057' Down 2455.75 m Down

Ferron, UT
Favorite Freshly cleaned trail on Big Brushy

Big Brushy

6.6 mi 10.6 km 477' Up 145.38 m Up 1,010' Down 307.92 m Down

Mount Ida, AR
Favorite Trail Builders building singletrack trail.

2019 Big Woods Epic Back Country Only Ride (50 Miles)

48.0 mi 77.2 km 2,715' Up 827.53 m Up 2,711' Down 826.37 m Down

Nashville, IN
Favorite Climbing "Stone Bridge" on the Archer's Fork Loop Trail.
Very Difficult

Pioneer Trail: Lamping Homestead to Marietta

62.6 mi 100.7 km 6,473' Up 1973.08 m Up 6,614' Down 2015.83 m Down

Woodsfield, OH
Favorite The road into El Rito

Vallecitos to El Rito Route

16.2 mi 26.0 km 1,092' Up 332.77 m Up 1,599' Down 487.45 m Down

Arroyo…, NM
Favorite Teklanika River.

Denali Park Road to Wonder Lake Campground Ride

89.9 mi 144.6 km 6,531' Up 1990.65 m Up 6,067' Down 1849.19 m Down

Healy, AK
Favorite Hobbs Hollow Berms

2019 Big Woods Epic Core Ride (75 Miles)

74.8 mi 120.3 km 5,450' Up 1661.17 m Up 5,419' Down 1651.83 m Down

Nashville, IN
Favorite Take a moment to appreciate the Rock Arch of "Atanços" on your way up the Xorta.
Very Difficult

Travesía Xortà-Cocoll

35.9 mi 57.8 km 7,495' Up 2284.33 m Up 7,494' Down 2284.31 m Down

Beniardá, ES

MMMA Milpa Alta Epic Tláloc Sky Bike Marathon TSBM

27.5 mi 44.2 km 4,403' Up 1341.98 m Up 4,468' Down 1361.95 m Down

Milpa Alta, MX
Favorite Beautiful view from the top of Suck Mt

Suck Mountain

3.5 mi 5.6 km 566' Up 172.63 m Up 618' Down 188.28 m Down

Mount Ida, AR
Favorite An example of one of the many rock gardens on Blowout Mountain

Blowout Mountain

6.4 mi 10.2 km 1,057' Up 322.22 m Up 1,201' Down 365.98 m Down

Mount Ida, AR
Favorite Continuously excellent singletrack.

Burnt Cabin Flats to Chloride

28.3 mi 45.6 km 1,794' Up 546.71 m Up 3,309' Down 1008.49 m Down

Faywood, NM
Favorite Gachantivá, Boyacá

BiciRegión: Ruta Caminos de Arcilla

39.1 mi 62.9 km 5,238' Up 1596.48 m Up 5,904' Down 1799.66 m Down

Villa d…, CO
Favorite Church climb.

Buffalo Mountain Dirt Church (Pinnacle Side)

22.8 mi 36.8 km 4,014' Up 1223.39 m Up 4,013' Down 1223.12 m Down

Unicoi, TN
Favorite Sininen Saavutus Trail offers a plenty of flowy sections. Photo: Metsähallitus

Sininen Saavutus Trail

31.8 mi 51.2 km 1,081' Up 329.6 m Up 1,082' Down 329.93 m Down

Taivalk…, FI
Favorite Coffee Plantations. Santa Isabel.Tolima

BiciRegión: Ruta de la Templanza

34.6 mi 55.6 km 6,077' Up 1852.38 m Up 8,364' Down 2549.4 m Down

Murillo, CO
Favorite Crossing the river in Yagnob is no easy feat!

Fann Mountains and Yagnob Valley Ride

89.2 mi 143.5 km 7,692' Up 2344.37 m Up 8,281' Down 2523.94 m Down

Shahrinav, TJ
Favorite One of the viewpoints

Buenos Aires

6.9 mi 11.1 km 1,383' Up 421.67 m Up 1,397' Down 425.75 m Down

Villavi…, CO