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Recommended Routes, Photos, & More

Favorite High Baller trail has plenty of bike-optimized features for maximizing play.

Alsea Falls Trail System - Whistle Punk to Springboard Loop

9.6 mi 15.4 km 1,535' Up 467.95 m Up 1,569' Down 478.31 m Down

Monroe, OR
Favorite The Bumble Bee segment of the Black Canyon trail has an abundance of giant saguaros.

Black Canyon Trail (BCT) - IMBA EPIC

77.5 mi 124.8 km 3,897' Up 1187.88 m Up 6,640' Down 2023.97 m Down

Spring…, AZ
Favorite Heading up to the high point of Bull Dog trail.

Croy Creek Loop

7.4 mi 12.0 km 1,061' Up 323.28 m Up 1,084' Down 330.26 m Down

Hailey, ID
Favorite Checking out the views of distant Zion National Park from the north rim of Gooseberry Mesa.

Gooseberry Mesa - The Big Loop

13.1 mi 21.1 km 554' Up 168.93 m Up 553' Down 168.55 m Down

Hurricane, UT
Favorite The last descent on the southern end of Red Ridge trail.

Johnny Behind the Rocks Trails - Johnny Draw to Red Ridge

4.3 mi 7.0 km 660' Up 201.28 m Up 661' Down 201.34 m Down

Lander, WY
Favorite Here's a great insider's tip:  Ride the 18 Road trails just before sunset... the trails will be empty, the light will be epic, and the views are unreal.

Zippity Loop

8.5 mi 13.7 km 703' Up 214.27 m Up 703' Down 214.35 m Down

Fruita, CO
Favorite Gunny Loop is a ripper of a descent!

Lunch Loop Trails - Gunny Loop

12.1 mi 19.5 km 1,362' Up 415.11 m Up 1,365' Down 416.15 m Down

Orchard…, CO
Favorite Lazy, part of the Moab Brand trails, has plenty of good fun and great views

Moab Brand Trails - Lazy/EZ Loop

3.7 mi 6.0 km 181' Up 55.1 m Up 181' Down 55.2 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite Wooden features are plentiful on The Boss trail.

Meadowood Grand Tour

7.2 mi 11.6 km 496' Up 151.18 m Up 497' Down 151.34 m Down

Lorton, VA
Favorite Pay Dirt trail is all fun and flow; a super playful trail overall.

Mountain of the Rogue

7.0 mi 11.2 km 1,323' Up 403.13 m Up 1,315' Down 400.94 m Down

Rogue R…, OR
Favorite Cruising through madrone trees on the Paradise Royale Loop.

Paradise Royale Loop

11.6 mi 18.6 km 2,229' Up 679.31 m Up 2,228' Down 679.09 m Down

Redway, CA
Favorite Catching some air on the upper reaches of the Rib Cage.

Phil's World

26.8 mi 43.1 km 2,059' Up 627.67 m Up 2,061' Down 628.19 m Down

Cortez, CO
Favorite Having fun on a rocky section

Alien Run Trails - Super Loop

16.3 mi 26.2 km 1,182' Up 360.26 m Up 1,182' Down 360.39 m Down

Aztec, NM
Favorite Descending slickrock on HBC trail with beautiful views towards Red Fleet Reservoir.

Red Fleet Loop

7.0 mi 11.3 km 841' Up 256.24 m Up 837' Down 255.03 m Down

Vernal, UT
Favorite Frontside trail provides stellar views of the high peaks surrounding Salida.

Salida Mountain Trails - Quick Tour

3.7 mi 6.0 km 516' Up 157.37 m Up 509' Down 155.11 m Down

Salida, CO
Favorite First big hit on Follow the Leader

Sandy Ridge Trail System - Full Tour

15.7 mi 25.2 km 2,687' Up 819.06 m Up 2,686' Down 818.84 m Down

Mount H…, OR
Favorite Big skies over Discovery Hills trail.

Enduro Loop

9.4 mi 15.1 km 675' Up 205.81 m Up 675' Down 205.67 m Down

Salmon, ID
Favorite The Ridge trail has plenty of exposure, overlooking the Tomichi Creek valley.

Hartman Rocks

12.4 mi 19.9 km 1,541' Up 469.7 m Up 1,543' Down 470.25 m Down

Gunnison, CO
Favorite Minerals oozing out of the springs at White Mesa New Mexico

White Ridge Trail System - Main Loop

8.4 mi 13.5 km 929' Up 283.25 m Up 927' Down 282.57 m Down

Jemez P…, NM
Favorite I can't take my eyes off Red Rock Canyon when it's covered with snow!

Blue Diamond Loop

10.5 mi 16.8 km 623' Up 190.03 m Up 624' Down 190.07 m Down

Blue Di…, NV