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Buff Creek: West Side Tour
Pine, CO Dec 5, 2021
Buff Creek: West Side Tour Pine, CO
Dec 5, 2021
Notes: 11.5 mi — 2h 0m : Great loop! Really enjoyed this one.
Hagen Trail #4037
Jackson, WY Jun 3, 2020
Hagen Trail #4037 Jackson, WY
Jun 3, 2020
Notes: 2.8 mi : Super fun trail until the "Hagen Steps". Unless you're an expert rider I'd suggest getting off on trail connector 3 and skipping the steps.
Red Mt., Grandstaff & Wulfsohn Trails Ride
Glenwood Springs, CO Oct 1, 2019
Red Mt., Grandstaff & Wulfsohn Trails Ride Glenwood Springs, CO
Oct 1, 2019
Notes: 12 mi — 2h 0m : The start is tricky to find. Good ride and great views
Hidden Mesa
The Pinery, CO Sep 20, 2018
Hidden Mesa The Pinery, CO
Sep 20, 2018
Notes: 11.4 mi : Definitely challenging the first time on the lollipop part of the ride. Since it was our first time we did it 2 more times and felt comfortable then.
Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass to Lost Creek Wilderness Boundary
Jefferson, CO Sep 13, 2018
Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass to Lost Creek Wilderness Boundary Jefferson, CO
Sep 13, 2018
Notes: 8 mi : Too late e in the day to do the full put and back. I like my section of babyhead rocks - so if you can’t ride those, there will a lot of hike a bik…
Quarry Mesa Ride
Castle Rock, CO Aug 16, 2018
Quarry Mesa Ride Castle Rock, CO
Aug 16, 2018
Notes: Fun trails right here! And lots of wildlife
Fistful of Dollars (6034)
Buena Vista, CO Oct 22, 2017
Fistful of Dollars (6034) Buena Vista, CO
Oct 22, 2017
Notes: 5 mi : Trail 6034 to Django - running
Columbine Trail
Colorado Springs, CO Jul 7, 2017
Columbine Trail Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 7, 2017
Notes: 4.1 mi : Not sure I will do this again. The middle section is quite loose and steep which makes riding it difficult. The rest was rideable. Great views