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Red Rock Canyon Tour
Manitou Springs, CO May 17, 2022
Red Rock Canyon Tour Manitou Springs, CO
May 17, 2022
Notes: 6.4 mi — 1h 21m : This loop has Amazon views most the way. The trail is a mixture of loose gravel, dirt, and some sand. I found it very difficult to follow the map.
Betasso Preserve
Boulder, CO Sep 16, 2021
Betasso Preserve Boulder, CO
Sep 16, 2021
Notes: 7.1 mi — 2h 0m : Completely dry, some areas are eroded and grip isn't great. But a wonderful brief trail. It was a bit crowded today but still it was not too bad.
Larimer County Cycling
Wellington, CO May 11, 2020
Larimer County Cycling Wellington, CO
May 11, 2020
Notes: 21.8 mi — 5h 45m : Trail mostly dry, no one at the trailhead, cold around 35deg but was plenty warm. Beautiful singletrack trail and also saw some wildlife.