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Paradise Royale Loop
Redway, CA Jan 16, 2021
Paradise Royale Loop Redway, CA
Jan 16, 2021
Notes: 12.6 mi : Little wet & muddy in spots but great overall! A couple of downhill switchbacks almost got us.
Wilson Creek Tour
Murphy, ID Sep 21, 2020
Wilson Creek Tour Murphy, ID
Sep 21, 2020
Notes: 16 mi — 3h 45m : Beautiful day, smooth portions but a lot of the trail keeps one on the their toes, tricky gully sections and the "ditch" was wonderful
Ossagon Trail Loop
Westhaven-Moonstone, CA May 29, 2020
Ossagon Trail Loop Westhaven-Moonstone, CA
May 29, 2020
Notes: 19.7 mi — 2h 29m : Trail overgrown in many places, but still beautiful! marshy, wet areas were not difficult just hard to stay on trail in spots! would ride again!